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Oh, and because she tired of being a tumblr stalker and decide to settle for a while X3.
I love j-rpg, anime, vocaloid, bump of chicken, design, drawing, and cat. Lots and lots of cats.


I don’t want to complain, or gossip, or boast. I’d rather just talk about things like a truck said to make your dreams come true if you encounter it five times in a day, or a mysterious phone number that sends you “the power of the cosmos” if you call it, or stairs for the sake of stairs which lead nowhere in particular - absurd, meaningless, innocent things like that.

Fafoo (via vgperson)

Unknown Radio Show 2002


Ok, let’s have you two introduce Masukawa.

C: I’ll start!

H: Ok ok

C: Masukawa Hiroaki-kun is, pipipipipipiiiin! 22 years old! Plays guitar, has bad eyesight!

H/F: Ah… (laughs)

You must use contacts.

C: He’s supposed to use contacts.

H: Supposed to? Don’t you – I mean, yeah.

C: Hiro-kun becomes negative quickly.

H: Ah, yeah.

C: Hiro-kun, pipipipin! Likes music.

H/F: Yep, yeah.

C: …And likes sexy things.

H: What?!


H: I told you not to say things like that today!

C: That’s all!

Fujiwara-kun, do you have anything to add?

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if ur screwing up ur life cuz u are a perfectionist with major anxiety who procrastinates and spends way too much time on the internet clap ur hands

The reason I love Sebastian:


he’s like

"Gotta make tea"


"Gotta pet the cat"


"Gotta dress the Master"


"Gotta kick and punch these guys unconscious"image

"Gotta do the laundry fabulously"


"Gotta stab these bastards to death with fork and knives"


"Gotta set the table"


"Gotta fry these motherfuckers with a flamethrower"


"And then I’m gonna cook like I’m on masterchef"